Regards from Prague

Hey guys! Just a quick hello from Prague! Me and my best friend Natalie who is traveling with me are having a blast! Everything goes well and we are doing great. We have been traveling in many countries now and key great people from all over the world. Life is so great. Sometimes struggling but that's still a nice part of it. Now we met a guy, Randy, from Canada, living in New York and we were out boating in the river. So bautiful and relaxing. Tomorrow we will be.of to Berlin and then we have 10 days left on our trip. Follow Natalie instead, think she have been written something I have not been utdating so much as you can see. See you, lots of love!


oooh vad roligt allt låter:DDD ha det så bra:D

SV; Naw tackar så himla mycket:D Blir så glad:)

Och säg gärna vad du tycker om mina "Too Ghoul For School" Skisser som jag ritat:D

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